Balancing your emotions

Balancing your emotions

Balancing your emotions daily by doing your own (5 min a day) 

Emotional assessment.

An exercise for when your emotions are overwhelming and you don’t understand why. This exercise helps you understand why you feel what you feel and how to master your emotions. A really simple way to start dealing with your emotions’ flow is to do an emotional assessment.

For 21 days, every day:

  1. Take a few minutes (5 minutes may be enough) at the end of your day, in a quiet place, away from any disturbance if possible to write down all the emotions you went through that day. Positive emotions as well as negative emotions. When it happened, write down what happened (Ex: a certain song came on the radio and I felt tears coming up and I don’t understand why or, my boss walked by me and didn’t say Hi and I suddenly felt really sad). Use the below wheel of emotions to identify exactly what you felt.


  1. Try to understand why you felt like that, where did this strong emotion come from (Ex: the song reminded me of a holiday with a friend I no longer see because we had a fight or I feel like my boss does not recognize my work so when he does not say hello passing me by, it amplifies this feeling of lack of recognition).
  2. Now that I have identified my feelings of the day and understand why I felt like I did, do I want to do something about it? And if so, what do I want to do?
  3. Do I want to do something about it: the simple fact of writing the emotions down may be enough for you to process them
  4. Or on the contrary, you may decide you want to do something (like calling your estranged friend or have a difficult conversation with your boss)=> choose the option you’re most comfortable with but just make sure to ask yourself the question (Do I want to do something about it?)

What this emotional assessment does for you:

  1. It tells your brain that the emotions you feel are being processed and taken care of:
  • The simple fact that you are taking a few minutes to ask yourself what you felt today, that you write it down, sends your brain the message that you are dealing with the signal it sends you: its emotion.
  • If you do it long enough (21 days at least), you will feel like your general mood gets more and more balanced.

This very simple and short exercise will substantially improve your quality of life :)