What are the factors that affect your career ?

What are the factors that affect your career ?

Career development is the process of choosing a career, improving your skills, and advancing along a career path with the ability to constantly reassess if needed. It's a lifelong process of learning, introspection and decision-making that brings you closer to a job that has meaning and that makes you happy.

What are the factors that affect a person's career development.

Career Development, what does it mean?

Career development is the process of self-knowledge, exploration, and decision-making that will eventually fashion your career. It requires working actively on what yoy want, your needs and then to train and act towards getting the job that will make you happy at a particular time.

When someone pays careful attention to their career development, they identify their own strengths and areas of improvement, then work hard to improve their skills. It also means learning about different roles and industries to find a match to their abilities, seeking out opportunities to advance, and maybe even changing careers altogether if they find a more suitable one.

How can you develop you career ?

Career development can start on your first job and can last a lifetime. Just like in your personal life, you will never stop learning about different options, situations and about yourself. This may require that you make adjustments all along your career so that it always matches best your needs at a particular time.

There may not be one perfect job for you your whole life. As your personal life changes, evolves as well as you, your career needs will to and that is fine.

Career development doesn't end after you choose an occupation. You must then get the required training and learning, apply for and find employment, and ultimately advance in your career. For most people, it will also include changing careers and jobs at least once (and probably more often) during their work lives.

Some people will be satisfied developing their careers vertically i.e. climbing up the ladder in one or several companies but basically doing the same job and having the same expertise. Some other people will be more attracted to developing their careers by experimenting different fields and different center of interest by horizontal development.

Factors that influence career development

A person's career development can be affected by multiple factors, some of which may be largely outside their control.

Personal Characteristics: Personality, values, interests, natural abilities make all of us who we are. These personal characteristics play a significant role in career development since they influence which occupations we find satisfying, as well as the types of work environments in which we will succeed. That is why, when you are in the process of choosing a career, it is so important to get to know yourself and what is important to you regardless of your social background, your parents’ wishes or society’s idea of a career.

Financial Resources: Pursuing certain career options can be costly. If you choose an occupation, for example, that requires you to attend college, you may be limited by your ability to pay for it and need to seek student loans, financial aid, and scholarships. Financial limitations can also hinder you when job-hunting.

Age: Your age, or your perception of it, can hinder you in your career development. You may worry about being too young or too old to pursue a particular path, advance in your career, or make a career change. Instead of focusing on your age, concentrate on your abilities and how motivated you are.

Family Obligations A person's career development may stall if they take time off from work to take care of children or elderly parents. Outside help with childcare or eldercare may make it easier to continue with a career.