Recognising your burnout and using preventative measures

Recognising your burnout and using preventative measures


1. Do you know how to identify situations and manifestations of Burn Out?

Your employee :

  • Does he/she complain of a lack of energy to accomplish his/her work?
  • Does he or she have problems concentrating, making decisions, or being mentally available at work?
  • Is he/she irritable, pessimistic, with a "bureaucratic" attitude?
  • Does he/she show an attitude of withdrawal, isolation, irritability, aggressiveness, and reduced empathy?
  • Does he/she have a negative attitude towards work and others?
  • Does he or she devalue the work he or she does, his or her own efficiency and skills?

2. How do you plan for prevention?

  • What are the collective prevention approaches?
  • Is there an excessive workload with high time pressure?
  • Does the organisation of the workplace at odds with the rules and values of the profession?
  • How is teamwork organised?
  • Is there social support?