Exercise learning through questioning and argumentation

Exercise learning through questioning and argumentation


Conversation in "strong argumentation - strong questioning" mode


1. Ask your interlocutors to make their thought processes visible

  • What makes you construct this, what makes you say this?
  • Non-aggressive language: can you help me understand your reasoning?
  • How does this relate to our other topics?

2. Compare your assumptions

  • Can you give me a typical example?
  • How would your proposal affect...?
  • Is it similar to...?
  • Is it correct to say that what you are saying is...?


1. Make your thought process visible

  • This is what I think and this is how I got here
  • I suppose that...
  • To get a clear picture of what I am proposing, imagine that you are a client affected by...

2. Test your conclusions and assumptions publicly

  • What do you think of what I have just said?
  • What flaws, what can you add?
  • This is one area where I am not totally clear, could you help me think further