Incorporate NVC into daily conversations

Incorporate NVC into daily conversations


1. Practice at home, with simple things.

O - Observations :

"Tonight, as yesterday and all this week, the dishes were on the table when I returned.

S - The feeling/emotion:

"I feel a bit lonely doing the housework.

B - The need

"I need time to decompress in the evening.

D - The request

"Could we agree together on the organisation of daily tasks?

Little by little, you will appropriate the NVC process and be able to use it, with sometimes surprising results, you will see!

2. Practise in your professional environment (you can use appendices 1 and 2 below to formulate your feelings and requests)

O - Observations:

"Daniel, your message this morning reproached me for not being precise enough.

S - The feeling / emotion:

"When I read your message, I felt a little angry.

B - The need:

"Indeed, it's ok for me to say what's wrong, but it's also important to underline what has been done well.

D - The request

"Could you next time not focus only on what is wrong, and value what has been done well?"