The planning process

The planning process

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  • Improve your planning, and your ability to pursue your objectives and to link strategy with operations, through the day-to-day work of the position you hold.


Perhaps every morning you list the tasks you have to do during the day, every evening you cross out the tasks you have done and systematically put off tasks until the next day and so on... At the end of the week, a number of tasks scheduled for Monday have still not been done.

All this is a source of stress, dissatisfaction and low self-esteem in your eyes.

Planning allows you to MANAGE your time to be more efficient and less stressed. This implies knowing how to invest time in order to save time, and adopting the right behaviours:

  • Evaluate the time spent on each task
  • Keep track of time spent
  • Prioritise
  • Arbitrate and say no
  • Anticipate