Building a PDP for your employees

Building a PDP for your employees

Accompanying an employee in drawing up a development plan

In order to achieve their performance objectives, managers need to help their teams grow by strengthening their employees' abilities. It is therefore important to support and, as far as possible, accompany employees in their personal development plan.

2.1 What is their vision?

Invite your staff member to talk about his or her career vision and personal development plans.  Take on the role of facilitator of this reflection, by asking open-ended questions and providing guidance. People are more likely to take action with desire and motivation if it comes from themselves, if they find the answers to their own questions, than if they are told to do something, or given a solution.

2.2 Look at the present

Together, take stock of the current situation, the skills, strengths and weaknesses of your employee, the opportunities and possible risks of not advancing their skills.

2.3 Clarify the milestones

Now that you have a clearer view of aspirations and ambitions, and you know the starting points (the situation, the achievements, the requirements, etc.), define development objectives together in a SMART manner and a follow-up schedule.

2.4 Establish good habits

Help your employee to set up regular actions that will eventually create good habits.

2.5 Identify pitfalls

In an open, sincere and caring discussion, address the pitfalls that could hinder the progress of the development journey: limiting beliefs, certain personality traits or bad habits. Define actions to be taken.

2.6 Celebrate small successes

Encourage your colleague by acknowledging actions taken and successes, even small ones.

2.7 Measure progress

Organise regular reviews to monitor progress and hold your employee accountable