Use DiSC styles in your daily lifestyle

Use DiSC styles in your daily lifestyle


1. Communicating or cooperating with the different DISC styles

1.1 Blue Style

Wants to know HOW and thinks that STRUCTURE is the most important

  • Approach them with tact and kindness
  • Give them written information
  • Give them the opportunity to think, investigate and check before making decisions
  • Give them sufficient time to find the best or 'correct' answer, within the limits available

Make the most of your WORK

1.2 Style Red

Wants to know WHEN and thinks the OUTCOME is most important

  • Show them how to win, the new opportunities
  • Provide concise data
  • Allow them to act freely within the limits of their authority - Vary the tasks
  • Let them take the lead, where appropriate, but give them the parameters, key information

Make the most of its results

1.3 Green Style

Wants to know WHY and thinks that RELATIONSHIP is most important

  • Detail your reasoning
  • Show your interest
  • Give them personal reassurance
  • Give them the opportunity to be of service or support to others
  • Include them in a cooperative group


1.4 Yellow Style

He wants to know WHO and thinks that COMMUNICATION is the most important thing

  • Act optimistically and create a positive environment
  • Avoid details, focus on the "big picture
  • Vary the tasks; avoid asking them to do repetitive work over the long term
  • Do things together
  • Support their ideas and do not undermine their dreams; show them your positive side - Acknowledge their achievements, their progress and give them sincere appreciation

Make the most of your IDEAS