Motivate your Team

Motivate your Team


Motivation is a kind of prior trigger for any action, from its mental conception through thought to its concretisation in time. It is a setting in motion (movere: to move).

This action is always with a view to improving one's ordinary and overcoming the barriers of one's possibilities. Thus motivation and well-being are inseparable.

Here are the steps to motivate yourself and your employees:


1. Identify your own motivational levers...

... through one's own personal coherence, to ensure coherence with daily activities and with life choices:

  • Responding to one's Motivational Needs.
  • Rely on one's Values which give meaning to life by determining what is important (see "values" sheet)
  • Rely on one's Virtue Strengths (strengths that put one into action).
  • Balance your Domains of life professional, family, marital, social and personal. (see "Wheel of Life" sheet)

2. Set up life habits that guarantee the best self-maintenance of motivation:

Disparage by analysing all the elements that contribute to wasting your energy in different areas of life, in order to act on this energy loss.

3. Removing blockages and fears that hinder motivation by using supportive beliefs (new thoughts to replace thoughts that block or prevent development).


1. Motivate through daily management:

  • Adapt your management style to the situation (environment, skills, maturity).
  • Give signs of recognition to show the employee that he/she exists for you, that he/she is present, and that you recognise his/her value.
  • During the annual interview

2. Motivate through team cohesion :

  • Cohesion in everyday life
  • The cultural orientation model
  • The team building seminar
  • Appreciative Inquiry

3. Motivating through talent development

  • The 5 keys to talent development
  • Key missions

4. Motivating through HR tools and a dynamic career path

  • Integration / Training / Internal mobility / Internal communication
  • Professional interview / Skills assessment / 360Β° / Personality questionnaires / Development plan / Coaching