Organising and communicating remotely in times of crisis

Organising and communicating remotely in times of crisis

🕔 20 min 💡 3 key ideas 


  • Communicate with serenity, transparency, clarity and authenticity in crisis management
  • Organise yourself to ensure continuity, effectiveness and efficiency of work
  • Unite/preserve your teams and develop your collective, relational and digital intelligence


How to manage at a distance in times of crisis? More than a management issue, crisis management challenges all the fundamentals of management, communication, innovation and people management.

By clarifying the context, the elements and the keys to the crisis, the manager will have a crucial role as a communicator to influence the teams and allow them to have behaviours of commitment, creativity, motivation, and thus performance. Telework creates distance. The basic principles of trust, cooperation and a sense of belonging, which are so important to employees, are consequently impacted. This is why, as a manager, it is important to keep a positive attitude, to reinforce your communication, as well as your collective, relational and digital intelligence.  You need to reassure, listen to your employees and increase the frequency of communication (video, email, telephone) and put in place an organisation adapted to the current context.

Keep your head up and maintain your activity, this will be the moment for you to get out of your comfort zone, organise/reorganise and reflect individually and collectively.

Your challenge: to succeed in setting the pace for communication and organisation, both of which are essential for successful crisis management.