Put sociodynamics into practise

Put sociodynamics into practise


  1. Choose a project.
  2. Choose the team you want to map (CoDir, management...), list the actors
  3. Build the map of your team for this specific project at this specific time

o Draw the matrix with the scales (without the names of the groups to avoid bias)

o For each person, first identify the level of synergy, then separately the level of antagonism.

  1. Step back and cross-reference with the category names.
  2. Identify who in your current practice you spend the most time, energy and energy on.
  3. Build your action plan: What do you want to change? How will you engage your allies in this project? What actions will you take? To whom will you adapt your management style?

NB: never leave a partner card lying around. It is even highly recommended to tear it up once the awareness has been achieved and the action plan built.