The principles of the Annual Appraisal Interview

The principles of the Annual Appraisal Interview


The principles of the interview

The appraisal interview is a one-to-one meeting between an employee (hereinafter referred to as an employee) and his/her direct supervisor (hereinafter referred to as a manager).

It is a privileged moment of communication, centred on the jobholder. It is :

  • The outcome is the concretisation of daily dialogue.
  • A process of progress during which the manager aligns, as far as possible, the development of his or her department (management) with the personal development of the employee.

The aim is to assess the effectiveness of the employee in terms of meeting the requirements of the position (professional practices, intervention methods, management of crisis situations, etc.). It is also about identifying strengths and areas for improvement in terms of skills.

The interview is also the basis for determining an overall level of performance in a position. It is this level that can be used to manage the employee's career path. Everything that is said during the interview remains confidential. The minutes are official.