The recruitment interview

The recruitment interview


The recruitment interview is an important part of the manager's HR function.Β  Recruitment is expensive and it is necessary to be able to evaluate the candidates and the means used to select the best profile. Furthermore, a lack of recruitment or a failed recruitment can have a strong impact on the team and on performance.

Some companies rely on external firms for a large part of the recruitment process, sorting out CVs, implementing tools such as Serious Games (Assessment Centres), analysing psycho-technical tests, personality inventories or even initial interviews. The more extensive the services, the higher the cost of recruitment.Β  However, it is sometimes imperative to use them, particularly for complex profiles or those that are rare on the market.

The fact remains that when it comes to defining the need at the final stage, the manager is a key player in recruitment. Several aspects collide the timeframe for recruiting (increasingly short), the consideration of know-how and interpersonal skills (which is less easy to detect)...

Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Looking for the "five-legged sheep".
  • Try to find a profile that is identical to the previous one.
  • Take on a candidate because he/she went to the same school as you: prefer diversity and creativity to conformity.
  • Recruit a candidate because you like them: Be objective!
  • Take into account only the "technical" skills - know-how: the candidate is above all a human being who must also develop "soft skills" and integrate into the team.

As you can see, it is imperative to remain objective!