How to have constructive discussions and remove communication toxins

How to have constructive discussions and remove communication toxins


1. As you read the description of each of the above behaviours, note which ones are present in your relationships.

2. Focus on how you want to be, regardless of what your partner is doing. This in itself will make a big difference as Cavaliers have difficulty living alone.

3. Behaviourally, practice using the antidotes you feel you need, so that when you really need them, you know what to do. Also be aware that the specific "techniques" you use are only as good as your attitude is authentic when you express them. So if you have cultivated the right attitude, you may not need a specific technique.APPLICATION

4. Stay curious and find your own antidotes.

Name the Riders when you detect them (but not to blame or criticise them) and stay curious about them. Examples: "We're defensive" or "We're critical", "What's going on", "What's going to help us through this"?

5. Find ways to add positivity to your relationship. A "reservoir" of positivity will help negotiate with the Horsemen when they appear. Expressing appreciation for things that are working well in your team or relationship is a powerful way to create positivity and move away from toxic behaviour. Expressing what you value in your partner can be the most powerful antidote you can use against the Horsemen.