Introduction to Teleworking

Introduction to Teleworking


The massive increase in teleworking brings to light more or less appreciable individual and collective consequences, especially in the context of the health crisis where this change has been sudden, often with little support.

If it is popular with some, telework also generates difficulties depending on one's personality, gender, the nature of one's work or even one's place of living.

In the Covid context of the year 2020, teleworking has for many meant working from home, and given the urgency, in a space that is not always made for it: a corner table that has to be returned to its usual use for meal times, the bedroom, a poorly heated skylight, a place shared with one's spouse, each one conducting his or her own meetings without appropriate headphones, or being isolated, with no other choice than a very small place with a chair of average quality, with tools not made for it or an unreliable internet connection.

However, many companies and employees wish to perpetuate telework (with the corollary of remote or hybrid management), taking into account what has been learned, whether for personal benefits (presence at home, less travel and less fatigue, choice of place to live, less geographical constraints in case of double career, nomadic work especially for the young generation, optimisation of housing costs, fewer constraints to emigration, better balance of family life especially for women), organisational (less m2 of office space, globalisation and diversity of recruited profiles, satisfaction, commitment and retention or even gain in productivity, less risk of contamination in the context of a pandemic) or social (less pollution).

But in fact, what have we learned? Experimenting with telework has allowed us to realise what works and what doesn't work so well and to identify the issues that need to be addressed:

  • space and working time
  • the mastery and appropriation of tools
  • management of pressure and work/life balance

This sheet intends to share good practices on these 3 themes in order to perpetuate telework in good conditions.