Use exercise to hone your use of U Theory

Use exercise to hone your use of U Theory


  1. Choose a situation you would like to explore through the U.
  2. Consciously go through the steps of the U :
  • Observe:
  • o Let go of all your habits and ways of thinking. Let go of your past.

    o Suspend your judgement and access your intelligence of thought to look at the situation in a new way. To do this, marvel at all the new ideas that come to you.

    o Direct your attention to the place of the best potential future.

  • Feel :
  • o Listen and observe everything that might enrich your questioning.

    o What does life, circumstances, your friends, your intuition, your analysis tell you? o Silence cynicism and access your emotional intelligence, your empathy to adapt to different contexts.

    o To do this, use your heart as an organ of perception; see with your heart, the place of your ability to appreciate and love.

  • Presencing :
  • o Silence your fears and access your spiritual intelligence, your true desires, your intention. To do this, accept to be vulnerable and to trust, to have confidence in what life wants to happen here and now.

    o Be silent, let go and connect with your source of inspiration.

    o Let your inner knowing emerge and come.

  • Crystallize :
  • o Choose from the ideas that emerge.

    o Commit to these ideas, to goals, to outcomes.

  • Prototype:
  • o Take action and test the idea(s) you have committed to through a prototype.

    o Implement and deploy on a large scale.