The Star to Innovate

The Star to Innovate

To support you in your change and innovation process


  • To have a visual tool to support individual, collective or organisational innovation.
  • Identify the structured steps for thinking about innovation and building an action plan.


The Star to Innovate is a tool of the "International Coaching Federation, France Chapter" created in partnership with 45 international partners.


In order to move towards defined objectives, the approach consists of exploring the 4 branches of the star:

  • The elements of stability: reduce, conserve
  • Elements to be developed: develop, amplify, delete
  • New ideas: create, initiate
  • The action plan: Implement


1. Have a situation of change, new objectives, or a challenge in mind.

  • Examine this situation with the "star" method
  • NB: take an hour of quiet time away from any solicitations.

2. Describe the current situation.

3. Describe the desired end situation or goals

4. Explore the 4 branches of the star :

  • Elements of stability: What do I need to reduce?
  • Elements to evolve: what do I need to develop, amplify, or delete? • New ideas :

o What do I need to create, or initiate?

o What will be the benefit, the added value?

o What will be the possible evolution?

  • Action Plan: How will I implement all this? (When, how, with what, with whom, where?)

5. Repeat this exercise with one or more other people to broaden the points of view and make your proposals even more robust.