Web app - Client Manual
Web app - Client Manual

Web app - Client Manual

The #Coachello App empowers emerging leaders to find their growth opportunities and work on them through 1:1 coaching. Think of it as 100% personalized people development embedded into the workplace.

How it works

1) Go to the Coachello app and click on Continue

2) You will start with a self-reflection assessment during which you will evaluate different aspects of your professional life (15 minutes)


4) Furthermore, you can invite your peers to provide flash feedback (takes them a minute) to support your coaching program. Don’t worry, the answers are only between you and your colleague.


5) Then you can review your assessment results and choose your coaching objectives


6) Based upon different parameters our AI will make a selection of the most suitable Coachello coaches. Please note you can always see all other coaches available within your organisation, and book an orientation call with one of our lead coaches if needed.


7) After booking the slot with your coach, you will have access to your dashboard where you can track your progress, find your coaching reports after your session and your assessment results.


8) In the Coachello MS Teams app you can:

A. Launch an AI coaching session - between coaching sessions or stand alone - to overcome instant struggles and find solutions with the help of the Coachello AI Coach B. See your upcoming coaching sessions and make amendments (cancel or reschedule up until 24 hours before the session) C. Chat with Coachello on any technical on coaching related topic D. Launch the self-assessment and/or launch a flash feedback among your peers


On Coachello

Coachello is the first integrated coaching platform and helps the talents of its clients grow, feel more engaged, and be happier. Coachello its international team is based in Paris and works with over 450 talented international coaches around the world.

Coachello is your place for personal development. Through our integrated application you may find resources & exercises, ask advice from an external coach, assess your strengths and challenges, and book 1:1 coaching sessions.


  • Work with a Coach: Work with a certified professional coach to reach your personal and professional potential. A certified coach can help you identify your challenges, work on them, and help you overcome them. You have a certain number of coaching hours offered by your company. After the allotted sessions you can continue working with your coach with “out of pocket sessions” at a personal cost.
  • Get Advice: If you have a one-off question you want to ask a professional coach you can do so through the in-app chat and you will get a direct response from a professional coach. For example, “what’s the best way to give feedback to your manager”, or “the best practices on management”.
  • Assessments: Start off with a Whole Person Assessment to find out which areas in your life may use improvements. After identifying your challenges you may choose to work on it - with the help of a coach.
  • Resources: Learn quick tips and tricks on various well-being and performance issues such as how to prevent burnout, manage stress, and cope with anxiety or depression based on our evidence-based digital programs. You can use these digital programs for in-the-moment support or to build your own toolkit of techniques to improve your mental well-being.

Coaching explained

Coaching is a personalised thought-provoking process allowing individuals to obtain tangible and measurable results in their professional or personal life.

It is a collaborative process to help you make important changes in your personal and professional life. Your coach is there to help you figure out how you want to change and the steps you need to take to do so. Your coach’s job is to help you organise your thoughts, emotions, and goals and break things down into smaller steps that create forward movement and growth. The client is the driver of these sessions, while the coach is there to provide reflection, clarity, and accountability.

Coaching vs Training/Therapy/Mentoring

Training, Mentoring and Therapy are of course useful and can be a good complement to coaching but here is why coaching is the most powerful tool for professional growth.

Coaching versus Training:

Unlike training where the same skills and knowledge are given regardless of the particular person who’s receiving the training, coaching is a personalised, tailor made process. Training does not take into account the personality, values, background, experience, difficulties and strengths of the trainee whereas coaching attaches to finding solutions, awareness and plans of action that are 100% designed to a particular person. Knowledge and skills learnt during training will be tested in the employee's day-to-day professional life who will then be able to come back in a coaching session to work on their obstacles. With a coach they will explore where these difficulties come from in order to find solutions to overcome them and will leave each coaching session with a clear plan of action. This will happen from session to session until all the obstacles are lifted. In the long run, this represents substantial financial savings because the behaviours are changed on the long term.

Coaching versus Mentoring:

A mentor has acquired experience and shares it with a person. A mentor has had to find their own solutions faced with a particular challenge that they have encountered in their lives, particular context and circumstances which may actually be very different from the ones the person being mentored is in. No two situations can ever be exactly the same. It can be useful to benefit from the mentor’s wisdom and experience but their solutions will probably never completely match another person’s particular situation, context, challenges, and do not take into account the person’s values, personality, their own difficulties and strengths. What worked for my mentor may not work for me. Coaching on the contrary attaches to finding the solutions that will be 100% designed for a particular coachee and all the elements cited above that make every person and every situation unique, demanding a unique solution and plan of action.

Coaching versus Therapy:

Unlike therapy, coaching does not dig into the past wounds in a person’s life. Coaching will not ignore them if they come up a session obviously, everything a coachee brings into a session is relevant and will be welcome but the coaching process will take notice of that past wound, acknowledge it but attach to understand how it affects the person NOW and how the person can overcome the negative effects in the FUTURE by applying what concrete actions. Whereas therapy will attach to digging into the person’s past to understand the past, how the neurosis or obstacle was formed notably during childhood and the source of the issue.

Therapy is complementary to coaching and becomes necessary notably when the person is in real psychological distress, in a depressive state. In that case, therapy and medical help becomes necessary in addition to coaching. Our professional coaches will know how to address the potential need for therapy or medical support.

Coachello Coaches

We have a very strict onboarding process that only allows the best coaches to join our community and platform. We are very selective, conduct multiple interviews, so that all the coaches you will find on our platform are truly amazing. The coaches on your company’s page are vetted and have been onboarded on your company profile so they know in what kind of environment you are working.

  • All qualified and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Level PCC or MCC.
  • Minimum 500+ hours of coaching experience
  • Minimum 10 years of an (international) career
  • Adhere to Coachello’s deontology of coaching and supervision
  • Continuously supervised and monitored

Areas of support

Coaching subjects are unlimited. Everything of which a coachee feels like is their challenge is coachable. A general overview is as follows:

  • Career development (career planning, transitions, strengths & values, meaning at work)
  • Work environment (thrive at the (remote) office, professional relationships, feedback & communication, other)
  • Job performance (performance review, time management, skills & productivity, rewards)
  • Leadership (leadership qualities, management, leadership style, coaching posture, confidence)
  • Relationships (colleagues, romantic relationships, family and friends, creating empathy)
  • Quality of life (passions, motivation, time management, personal development)
  • Confidence (public speaking, self esteem, assertiveness, engaging relationships)
  • Stress & Anxiety (stress-management, anxiety, resilience, burn-out prevention)

Choosing your coach

All the coaches on our platform are amazing individuals. They are highly competent, skilled, passionate, certified and can bank on rich careers. We have this selective process in place so that you can ‘blindly’ choose any coach and have a great coaching experience. That being said, we advise the following principles:

1) Number 1 and far-most important: choose a coach based on their personality → 🎥  All our coaches have short videos available on their profile which allow you to get a feeling of their personality and energy. We advise to book a session with the person that gives you the best feeling. You’re about to create a strong bond that will transform you, you might as well do it with a coach that inspires you as a person.

2) Choose a coach which allows you to be coached in your native or bilingual tongue. Language is key in coaching and nuances are important. The more spontaneous you are in your sessions, the more powerful the process will be. Having your sessions in your mother tongue favours spontaneity 🗣

3) Don’t pay too much attention to their specialities. Our coaches are specialised in a process more than a particular field, therefore coaching may be adapted to any subject. Every coach masters this process and can help you on any subject you may have. Please note that you can book your session without have a concrete subject in your mind.

Still can’t find your coach? Write to us per chat in the Coachello app!

Coachello’s functionalities

In the Coachello app you may:

1) Book a 1:1 coaching session

2) Send flash-feedbacks to your peers 3) Ask advice from an external coach 4) Access resources / assessments 5) See upcoming sessions: cancel the session / reschedule 6) Review your coach report

Science behind coaching

Yes, coaching is backed by science. There are multiple studies that show that coaching is efficient and powerful to help and transform people for the better. With Coachello we try to make your coaching experience is as excellent and efficient as can be.

Dr. Jarosz - The impact of coaching on the performance and well-being of managers - NB: Dr. Joanna Jarosz is also a coach at Coachello 🤩

The assessment

Coachello’s whole person assessment serves as a check up for your overall performance and mental health. You can retake the test to track your progress overtime.

Your assessment score empowers coaches at Coachello to provide you with the best user experience. It enhances the customisation of your coaching experience, which makes it more effective in addressing your specific needs. The data-driven approach keeps up with how you’re doing over time to support you with the tools to improve no matter where your score is at today.

Confidentiality & data protection

All of your sessions and written interactions with the coachello app or your personal coach are 100% confidential. This is part of the coaching deontology. Your employer will only know the amount of sessions you have taken.

  • Personalised data will never be shared with third parties
  • Personalised data of end-user will not be shared with their employer
  • AWS Cloud back-up
  • AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS)
  • We use encryption to protect data of our clients

Should I be coached?

It is entirely up to you. We believe that coaching is one of the greatest tools for personal development, but please bear in mind that you should only book a session with a coach if you are willing to work on yourself. The coach is going guide you, help you reflect, but the actual work will be completed by you! If you are ready to work on yourself, then yes, by all means: book a coaching session!

First session preparation

Before your first session, we encourage you to ask yourself a few questions. As with many other aspects of your life, the more effort you put into your coaching, the more you’ll get out of it. These can help guide your initial conversations with your coach.

Don’t take too much time, a few minutes or even seconds to wonder what you would like to work on during your session. Choose challenges that are important to YOU, not your family, not your manager but YOU. This is the guarantee the process will be powerful. The stakes are yours and nobody else’s.

At the time and hour of your session, please join your coach on Teams. Should you wish to make any changes to your appointment, please do so within the application where you can reschedule or cancel the session up to 24h before it starts.

Be sure to be in a quiet place that ensures tranquillity for an hour and confidentiality.

Tripartite meeting (if in the process)

Three party meeting spirit: your coach, your manager and yourself

the goal is not for your manager to give instructions on what the coaching should be about or to judge the coachee in front of the coach but rather to give their support to your process by giving an interesting perspective on what you could work on, according to them, to achieve your full potential according to what they have observed of their work in a positive way.

The goal is not for them to decide for the goal of the coaching but rather to give useful information that could help you achieve your goal.

That is why the coaching goal will be decided between the coachee and the coach after the manager has left the meeting.

First session expectations

During the first session, your coach will kick things off with an introduction to what coaching is and what you can expect during the session, including reviewing confidentiality (nothing you discuss is shared with Coachello or your employer unless you request more support or need crisis resources).

They will then ask you a few questions to better understand what you hope to get out of the coaching experience and what a successful experience would be for you. By setting expectations up front, the coach will be able to better help you identify personal goals and take steps towards achieving them. In subsequent sessions, the coach will follow up on any action items to understand their impact and you will together come up with next steps. The standard coaching session is 60 minutes and takes place over video, usually every two weeks or once a month.

Bear in mind that you are responsible for the successes and results you will get. They will depend on your commitment in the process and your willingness to overcome your challenges.

The coach is responsible for the process and to establish the conditions that will help you thrive in your endeavours but you will be the one to put in the work.

Change coaches?

You may at all times change your coach if you believe your current coach is not a good fit.

Finding a good match is extremely important and it is part of the coaching deontology to change coach if you feel like it’s a mismatch. Don’t hesitate. But, once you have a match, stick with your coach, “coach shopping” depending on your challenges is not an efficient way to work on your challenge. Co-creating a trust relationship with one coach to overcome all of your challenges will get you the best results.

In case of mismatch, it’s rare but it may happen, please reach out to Livia, our head of coaching, so she can help you finding your best match: Livia@coachello.io


A coaching session lasts one hour. Breakdown: 55 minutes on coaching and 5 minutes to fill in the coaching report. The coaching report will provide an overview of your session, action points and exercises.

How many sessions?

Your company give you access to a certain number of sessions.

Everyone is different and has different challenges, so there’s no fixed rule on how many coaching sessions you would need to overcome your challenges. Some people and some challenges require only two or three sessions while others require around 6-8. After all you can work with your coach on numerous topics.

During the first session you and your coach will set your goals, and by assessing your situation, the coach will determine an approximate amount of sessions you will need. Your coach is aware of the amount of sessions you are allowed to take from your employer, so they will try to make you achieve as much as possible within these limits. However, should you want to use more sessions you can continue to do so on a personalised coaching plan.

If you have any questions or need any advice on booking with the right coach - please click here to book a virtual coffee with Livia, our Head of Coaching our do it directly in your Coachello’s Microsoft Teams App.